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  • We Print Miniatures
    We Print Miniatures
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    Great app with a solid ROS 7% conversion rate in the upsells is excellent. Could do with supporting subscription products but the workaround is to code a separate addtocart button with a different ID on the button for sub products, that will stop Vanga from causing an error on your subscription products when added to cart by the customer.

  • InaEssentials
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    This app has the best quality-price ratio in the market. It has great features and is very easy to use. It doesn't require any third-party installations and most importantly, our post-purchase rate is 13.03%. Bear in mind the number would be much higher if we could use post-purchase upsell for COD orders (Shopify doesn't allow that though).

  • Pippin
    star star star star star

    I used this app and help me a lot and has great customer support! I recommend this app to every seller which wants to increase AOV and profit in-store! 22% CR

  • Cezanny
    star star star star star

    One of the best apps on shopify in 2022 ! We increased our revenue by 10-20% each month by their automatic upsells. Also, the conversion rates are super high if you have a good upsell product. Not using Vanga is definitely leaving money on the table... Plus, the support is very helpful & big thanks to Ruslan for his implication :)

  • AppliancesNow
    star star star star star

    We've really enjoyed the customer service Enlistly provides. Specifically, Reda has been extremely responsive, even if I send him an email after work hours. We think this will be a huge help for our team.

  • Nohla
    star star star star star

    I have really enjoyed using this app! I have been able to keep track of my affiliates, it is linked to my PayPal account so I can pay them through the app. They are always working on updating the app so we can receive new features. They are also very helpful with any problems you may be experiencing.

  • Musee Home
    Musee Home
    star star star star star

    Brilliant App and such great customer service. Any problems are ironed out so promptly. Definitely recommend.

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